Letter to the editor – Deron Johnson


To the residents of North Grenville,

I watched my friend give it everything he had. Not for four months, but for four years. Deron Johnston was educated, involve,d and willing to listen to any constituent that wanted to discuss the issues relating to our Municipality. He ran last election and, when not successful, instead of quitting he hit the pavement hard. He then legally should have had the spot that opened in council and, with typical current council way, they chose another person. How did that even happen? Why did we allow that to happen without justification? Again, instead of putting his energy elsewhere, he continued to prove himself to all of you. I sat in shock after the results were announced. What do I say to my friend? He would have been there for us and we have failed him.

Sherry Jordan


  1. I too was amazed at the disappointing results with regards to Deron Johnston. He clearly cares very deeply about making North Grenville council work for the people of this community. So much so that he spent the last 4 years doing more grassroots work to dig into the issues and earn our votes than any other candidate running. I watched every debate. He was well versed on the details of every issue, in several cases more so than the incumbents. I truly believe we did our community a great disservice by passing over this dedicated champion again.

  2. My husband and I still can’t wrap our brains around Deron’s defeat and are at a loss at what happened. Deron was our first choice. We believed him to be the most committed, knowledgeable, and I’ll say it… trustworthy. It’s not often I believe in a candidates integrity, but I believe in Deron.


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