Letter to the Editor – David Shanahan


Dear Editor,

I was surprised to read in the pages of the Times that you (David Shanahan) would be relinquishing you position as editor of that feisty little newspaper. During the time I have been acquainted with it, this newspaper has done all of the useful things a good newspaper can do for its community. Even more though, I believe the paper has given an “anchorage” for the democratic self-expression that is the hallmark of the few democracies extant in the modern world. In addition to expressing your own ideas vigorously and eloquently, your words were accompanied by articles and letters from a broad range of local points of view. An interested and committed reader could always find matter for reflection in the pages of the Times.

While I shall miss your contributions as editor, I am sure you will find your way to the letters page, or maybe contribute articles from time to time. I shall hope that the new editor will find it possible to entertain the wide range of contributions which you did so successfully.  All the best in your future endeavours.

Jim Bertram


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