Letter to the editor – cycling in North Grenville


Dear Editor,

Cycling in North Grenville.

A year ago my wife and I moved from North Gower to Kemptville. I am a keen cyclist who does not drive. Cycling in North Grenville was one of the reasons for our relocation.

I am more than pleased with the cycling opportunities here for several reasons

  1. The rail trail is a great resource and the grit surface is excellent for biking. A special thanks to the NG staff who do an excellent job of levelling the grit on a regular basis.
    Extension of the grit surface to some of the trails in the Kemptville College and Ferguson Forest facility would make their trail systems more accessible for cycling.
  2. The multi use pathway on 44 is an excellent safe link for cyclists to get to the Settler’s Way trails and on to River Road. Hopefully it will be extended along 43 as part of the extension work.
    Contrary to the experience of the letter writer in the July 8 edition of your paper, I have found motorists , particularly at the marked crossing near the Fire Station, to be very considerate of cyclists. They often stop before I have time to press the crossing button.
  3. the road surfaces in North Grenville are much better maintained than the roads that I used to ride in the North Gower, Richmond and Kars area. I frequently ride to Oxford Mills and down to River Road. Smoother surfaces and fewer potholes for me and my bike. Good news for an old guy like me.

Max Colwell


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