Letter to the editor – COVID-related restrictions


Dear Editor,

The first governmental COVID-related restrictions on access to benefits normally enjoyed by all, were occasioned by health scientist announcements that matters were going to get a whole lot worse before they got better.

The second and third stages of COVID mandates have mainly stemmed from both variants of the virus, as well as a continuing refusal of many citizens to avail themselves of free vaccines widely offered across the country and provinces.

The abject failure of government leaders in both 2nd and 3rd stage restriction mandates has been their political cowardice in aggressively dealing with those who refuse to get themselves vaccinated. Those resisting citizens have become a major cause of the virus’ crippling dominance of our society. Political reluctance to impose progressively more severe financial consequences on individual and corporate citizens who refuse immunization is fueling virus expansion.

Natural leaders, who take action when the enemy is breeching the castle gate, may not last long politically, but they are usually revered for generations to come.

Pat McGahey


  1. Well I don’t know what kind of brain it takes to believe YOUR vaccine only works if I take it too, but here we are. I guess it’s the same kind of brain that believes depriving fellow citizens of their human rights and freedoms is OK if there is a really bad flu going around. Rest assured I will be more than happy to recommend the same to those threatening me, my kids and grandkids with punishment because we refuse to be experimental lab animals.

    The only part you got right was the gutless, nutless, soulless politicians who pimped out their constituency to the drug companies. I look forward to the prosecutions for their crimes against humanity, and the public scorn and approbation for those who supported them.


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