Letter to the Editor – COVID-19 Vaccination


Dear Editor,

That’s it! I am writing today in response to the letter from the unsigned “because of the fear of violence from the unvaccinated”… seriously?!!  It is best to NOT only watch/read/listen to fear based media, a few simple words can create this emotion.

I am your neighbor, maybe your friend, or a family member. I am a decent, caring individual (and tiny minority) who has just made a different choice than most – one of the less than 5% in our community. I respect all the protocols, which, in my opinion, are the best approach, along with assessing individual risk. So, how can you believe we are the ones ‘clogging our (health care) system’? Data in Canada and abroad is indicating that hospital cases include both those vaccinated and unvaccinated. A Citizen article in early January indicated hospitals had ‘ridiculous numbers of people’ with mild to severe symptoms.

Those with minimal symptoms were ‘driven there by anxiety or desire to confirm Covid status’. ‘We are still catastrophizing Covid’ said Dr. M Fulford.  ‘Canadian Dr’s are all seeing Omicron’, Dr. D. Jacobs. A Februay 5 Citizen article is worth a read: ‘Who Really Needs a Covid-19 Booster Shot?” Statements include, ‘Omicron is a milder variant’, d‘immunity after 2 doses wanes meaningfully by 6 months… boosters – protection against infection recovers to 61%…but it’s not clear how long that immunity lasts’, Dr. Paul Offit. ‘The problem with Omicron is that it can dodge immunity from vaccines, as well as previous infection, meaning even vaccinated people can get an infection…most mild”. See what I mean about fear? 

Have you asked why someone would choose to not get jabbed? I have numerous reasons, but my background and training, diet and lifestyle choices are the things helping me “to do the right thing”, and that is maintaining good health and a strong immune system. This has served me well, I have not had the flu for 18 or so years, and I rarely get a cold. No man-made experimental inoculation for me, thank you.  You’ve made your choice, and I respect that. Can you respect mine?

Ever wonder why you don’t hear much from those who choose to not be jabbed? Because we are being segregated, discriminated against, ostracized, and blamed for the spread of a virus. Yet that is what a virus does, it is a living thing that requires a host to survive, and if that host is no longer suitable, it may mutate to ensure its own survival.

Can science and research stay ahead of this? They try. There will be other viruses. Doesn’t this situation blaringly show we need to address the health of the planet and its people??  When, or how, did so many lose sight of respecting and nurturing the human body, a complex organism that is built to survive!

Eat healthy, live clean and be well,

The Un-jabbed.


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