Letter to the Editor – COVID-19 Survey


Survey results on COVID19 and our community

I wanted to share the results of a recent on-line survey regarding COVID19 and our community.

135 people participated in the online survey between January 21-31, 2021. Overall, there is strong support within the community for dealing with COVID19 as a community. For instance, when asked about the efforts of all levels of government in dealing with COVID19, North Grenville’s municipal government scored highest in terms of positive feeling about its efforts.

People also felt safe in their community, with only 11% saying they did not feel safe here. Community support for local businesses was also high, with almost 80% saying they shop more locally than before COVID. However, almost the same number of respondents say they on-line shop more.

To a greater extent, people felt governments could do more to support businesses, rather than for individuals and families, though there was still strong support for doing more for the latter (43%).

Most people found government COVID19 requirements reasonable, though one third of respondents felt negatively about the requirements. Frustration seems to be building in having to deal with COVID, with almost one quarter of respondents “beyond frustrated”.
Over 37% of respondents have been tested for COVID. In terms of views on vaccines, while 57% get the flu vaccine, almost 80% are planning on taking the COVID19 vaccine.

Mitch Bloom
Oxford Mills


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