Letter to the editor – COVID-19


Dear Editor,

The economic difficulties and suffering that currently confront the private sector are serious and likely enduring, despite the temporary CERB and other government programs like the table scraps of a one-time $300 boost to CPP pensions. There has been virtually no diminishment of the public sector, and members of the public sector have enjoyed an unbroken continuation of their salaries, benefits and pensions, regardless of whether they are necessary frontline workers or not. “We’re all in this together” is a false virtue signaling slogan often repeated by governments and their cheerleaders among the public and the media.

Where is the leadership among our government and public service for a true shared experience of “being all in this together”? Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand, put the “government’s money where its mouth is” and reduced some government salaries by 20% to share the pain of the covid 19 economic decline.

Contrast that with our governments’ virtue signaling bs. Even at the municipal level, there has been no concern or action to reduce the burden of excessively high property taxes. All while many municipal services and facilities remain shut down and our municipal financial reserves are being recklessly spent.

Stephen Hammond


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