Letter to the editor – courtesy for pedestrians


Dear Editor,

This morning, October 4, I was walking my three dogs east on Concession Road to Prescott Street, as I do every morning. We had rain during the night and it was still raining quite heavy this morning. I would like everyone to know that I take my shower when I get up in the morning; don’t need a second shower from cars driving through puddles at break neck speed! The drivers going west on Concession, past the hospital toward the schools seem to be oblivious to the large puddles along the side of the road, or just don’t give a Rat’s ………..! This morning my dogs and I received three showers, between the hospital and Prescott Street. Come on people, where is your consideration, where is your courtesy for pedestrians? Please keep in mind that many of the children going to the schools also walk on Concession.

There are, however, many who not only slow right down to avoid splashing me and my dogs, but they also wave good morning as they go by – thank you! May I please ask that if there is no oncoming traffic, to move over to avoid splashing me; or just slow down going through the puddles. I don’t believe my request is unreasonable.

Thank you for your consideration, and hopefully with the upcoming election and new council, Public Works will be granted the budget necessary to fix the drainage problems on Concession Road.

The Lady with the Three Dogs


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