Letter to the editor – County Road 43


Dear Editor,

I’m writing this to apologize to the drivers of County Road 23 near Merrickville. Not to the apparently minority of drivers who show courtesy to others on the road—to which I’m eternally grateful–but to the remainder, who I’m obviously interfering with. You see, I walk this road every day. And because it has no sidewalk, or even shoulders for the most part, I’m forced to walk on the road itself. So I do apologize for having the audacity to walk on your road. I know that it is very inconvenient for you to slow down and show some respect for others using the roadway, because those precious five or so seconds that it takes to show courtesy could be used for other things, like checking that text message that came in, or closing your window after throwing out your garbage into the ditch. Especially those beer cans, because they can really stink up your car if you leave them in there. I know it’s not your fault that you drive 20-30 km in excess of the speed limit. The standard “max 60 km/h” signs are quite small. I’ve pointed this out to my municipality, to which I received platitudes and inaction, but I will keep trying on your behalf. Even today, I saw a young man in a small brown sedan approaching me at high speed and I realized he too didn’t notice the signs. But, since there was one right beside me at the time, I kindly pointed it out to him. He was so grateful as he sped past that he waved his recognition. The poor guy obviously had some sort of injury to his hand because, even though he waved, all I could see was one finger. So, once again, please accept my sincerest apologies for walking on your road. I will continue to do what I can to ensure you get to wherever you’re going without undue delay.

Name withheld by request


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