Letter to the editor Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

I sympathize greatly with Veronique Roy in her excellent letter to Steve Clark, M.P.P. I have always been very fortunate to live close to the Kemptville Campus. It has always been so beautiful and well maintained, and also the surrounding areas. For many years I walked my dogs there, it was so perfect. Now I use the trails, the “Rail Trail” almost daily, but especially in the winter.

It is, again I say, beautiful, with the forest on one side, but trees along both sides. I think when I walk through the Campus: how beautiful this is for the young children who go to school there, and also the daycare, as the author of the letter states, in such pristine, inspiring settings.

The students from the other schools on Concession Road used to hike or trail-ski back through the forests; maybe still do. I used to trail-ski back through the forest on the trails to Bedell with little fear, until my (late) husband warned me about the inmates from Burritts Rapids coming to the College to take courses, I didn’t frighten so easily then, I guess. I kept skiing for some time after the warning, though my husband was a police officer.

Now I am afraid with the thought of this ‘penitentiary’ so close by. I agree with Ms. Roy that this “degrades North Grenville’s environment and quality of life”.

And the suggestion that we will become part of Ottawa, the Greater Ottawa Area, is also scary. Our taxes would most likely skyrocket if this happens.

Kath Piché


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