Letter to the editor Correctional Facility


Mr. Clark,

I hope you might be able to provide answers to the following questions that relate to the “controversial announcement” of a “new correctional facility” (maximum security jail), for the Kemptville Campus of the University of Guelph. For clarity, I understand the proposal is to build this facility on what is now called “College Road”, the western extension of “Dangerfield Road”, (a road the Government of the day, in the early seventies, severed with the construction of Highway 416). As I understand the announcement to date, this would put the facility on the “Farm Site” of the Kemptville College Campus, utilizing the “agricultural and research land” on the north side of the stated road.

My first question, is “Why did the Government pick this site”?
Secondly, the proposed institution will only house persons convicted of “Provincial Offences”, which, by contrast to “Criminal Offences”, gives a different context to the term “maximum security”, correct? Would you be so kind as to explain that difference? My Provincial elementary and secondary school education on such basic matters of citizen rights, obligations, the topics of “humanities” and “sociology”, did not seem to make a sufficient impact to continue residency within my grey matter. (Yes, I realize that this is actually question two and three – counting learned during my Provincial education did seem to stick).

Third, and more to the issue of potential location for a Provincial “correctional institution” is, who owns the land of the former “Burritt’s Rapids Correctional Institution”? You may recall, this was the local institution which the Provincial Government of the day (early 2000), decided to close and tear down. Is that property not still in the hands of the Crown, and therefore could be regarded as “once a correctional institution land use, appropriately continue as correctional institution land use”? Why destroy other good agricultural land and research facilities for land use the Government already holds elsewhere (read history and registered use)? Doesn’t using the Burritt’s Rapids site but a few miles away make sense? A few miles away from all the things the North Grenville residents have expressed concern and displeasure with?

Oh, my apologies, I just realized that using the Burritt’s Rapids site is not in your constituency.

With dwindling respect for politicians, I remain, alive, upright and a taxpaying person.

Ron Patterson


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