Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

Don’t you think that Prescott Street at the college is the wrong place to build a jail. Prescott Street is the most direct route into Kemptville and from Kemptville for either highways, and is the only one to take to get to the hospital, should an ambulance be needed.  A jail break would close down this route, and that would make a problem getting there.

Poor choice, in my opinion.

There used to be a jail farm at Burritt’s Rapids, but the government of the day closed that one up.  Too expensive then, it was said.

Another problem is that if there were a jail break, it wouldn’t be far from the 416, or Hwy 43, or besides Kemptville downtown itself to escape to, creating big problems to all who live in the region.

Think well before you decide.

Lorne Thompson




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