Letter to the Editor- Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

What are they hiding? Why are they hiding it?

Something mysterious is going on with our Provincial government! Several requests for information regarding the land to be used to build the new correctional centre in North Grenville have been met with roadblocks, from outright denials to unnecessary delays in the following appeal process. In my case I was shunted between three ministries, each denying being the holder of the information I was seeking, only to be sent back to the first one I contacted, and still receiving no answers. 

It appears that in an effort to gain an insight as to how and why the site was chosen, the government has decided to keep all that information as a closely guarded secret and to not grant access to any requests from outside their closed circle of ministries. This leaves one to wonder what is so important, or nefarious, that it must remain a state secret. Just as important – who has issued the gag order to not provide anything?

Result is they do not permit people to get informed and to be able to question their (government’s) decision making process! So they slam-dunk any effort to get at it! This represents a totalitarian government far removed from the democratic one that exists in Canada and that is supposed to represent the voters who put them in office in the first place!  

Even our local MPP, in his recent Winter Update 2022, takes credit for work that he has been doing on our behalf with a lengthy list of investments in our community of North Grenville. He obviously likes to take part in photo ops and states that he advocates for his constituents and wants to hear from us. Fine until you mention the correctional facility to be built in North Grenville and suddenly, he becomes mute! He refuses to discuss the matter other than to allude to how good it will be for the community! So much for democratic process and advocating for his constituents! 

Watching our MPP, one is led to believe that the government has found a new method to print money by the way they are throwing it around in the lead-up to the upcoming election. Such actions like a “Buck-a-beer”, when they got elected, to “no licence plate fees” this year (with a huge loss of revenue from that alone), our fiscal future is being tossed to the wind. Let us hope that we all remember these irresponsible “gifts” when we get to that ballot box! We deserve a responsible government that does work for us and not just their own agenda.

Rodger Parnell,
North Grenville


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