Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor;

In reference to Hilary Thompson’s recent article, “Concerns about proposed prison voiced at public meeting,” now that it is warmer again and I’m outside more, I can hear the regular hum of the traffic out on 416, non-stop, constant hum. I was told that the Correctional Complex will be closer to the 416. I also understand that nature is wonderful for mental health. If these people who are “institutionalized” are to be rehabilitated, how does this work, listening to non-stop, never ending traffic flow? It’s pretty much the same by my front door, but less great at night (yet)! Do I wish for more traffic? Would anyone?

I could not agree more with these professionals who say that building another jail is not the answer. How could this possibly be good for mental health, and these people in institutions obviously already have this problem. As they say, “Prisons are the opposite of therapeutic.”

Also, of note to our councillors, I find the four way stop on Prescott Street, by the Campus grounds, very dangerous to cross on foot. Don’t many of the school children cross there?

Thanks again Hilary, for your excellent article.

Kathy Piché


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