Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

We are all feeling somewhat fatigued with the on-going news and media reports regarding two subjects currently affecting us in this region – the COVID pandemic and the Eastern Ontario Correctional Complex.

While not wanting to add to this weariness, I do feel compelled to comment on the many reports and musings concerning the proposed Correctional Complex. Many will agree that the way it was announced was inappropriate, and the use of the term “consultation” to be offensive considering the province’s intent.

However, given the reality that the decision has been made (and, according to the media, is irreversible), I believe we should focus our efforts on making this facility and its operation mesh with the needs and desires of the community. I commend the Mayor and Council on the approach they have taken. Building relationships with the various interested parties and affected stakeholders is much more productive than “feet stomping and fist pounding”, which only serves to alienate those whose support is needed.

If you do not agree with the province’s decision, you have every right to make your feelings known with the Premier and local MPP. Even better, advise them of your displeasure through your democratic right in the next provincial election. But do not criticize our Mayor and Council for doing their best to ensure that the community’s needs, objectives and desires are achieved. Not everyone is opposed to the Complex.

Peter Friedrichs


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