Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

To begin with, I am not opposed to a Correctional Facility due to ‘NIMBY’. Although Kemptville has been my home for a very long time, I do not expect to be residing here in 2027. The presence of a Correctional Facility in name alone defines everything that Kemptville is not.

The economical development will be very limited, with most of the services being outsourced by the correctional institution, for example food and laundry. Employment will be filled by union employees already in the system.  They MIGHT make purchases, vehicles, or even homes. They MIGHT NOT!!

This land does not lend itself to house a Correctional Institution. Surrounded by Nursery Schools, Daycares, Kindergarten, Primary and High School, we are jeopardizing our safety and endangering our children.

There are no public transportation systems to assist criminals or their families, and there also remains overwhelming concerns with infrastructure, water and sewer pressures.

There are so many other uses for this agricultural land, including but not limited to, improving the environment. This land could provide better facilities for physical and mental health programs that will ultimately reduce the need for correctional facilities. Recreational, sport, and entertainment industries could provide employment, income, tourism and would enhance the lives of families in North Grenville.

Rosalind Brooks


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