Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

Great article by Joselyn Morley, “Coalition Against proposed Prison Information Session”. The vision, unfortunately, remains in my mind of this prison sitting on the outskirts of our town and is depressing. This huge monstrosity with fencing and barbed wire isn’t exactly a pleasant picture. I’m not a member of CAPP, because I don’t do internet, but I much appreciate their efforts. Colleen Lynas makes perfect sense to me.

“Colleen Lynas maintains that, in words and deeds, it pains me to say our council has said, without saying, that they are not opposed, and are not going to challenge the province’s plan in any way. Trying to get the best deal possible is not challenging the province’s plan.”

Also excellent is Laura Beach’s research and opinions.

Thank you to these people for their efforts. I know who will not be getting my votes next time around, unless they change their stance quickly!

Kath Piché


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