Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

I have read with interest over the past several weeks the many letters to the Editor regarding the new proposed jail for North Grenville. While I am not informed enough to speak of the down falls or benefits of a jail in our town, I do find the chosen location of the new jail to be suspect to say the least. Surely there is a better place to construct the new jail, where it wouldn’t be infringing on current property owners, schools, and Churches.

A few years back, my wife Paula and I approached the Municipality of North Grenville to inquire about the possibility of building a new house on the back of my parents farm. We were granted approval from RVCA, and figured we would also be granted permission from the municipality. After meeting with the municipality we were told that because the land is deemed agricultural, we would not be granted permission to build our house. We weren’t looking to build a subdivision, rather a 1500 square foot home, on no more than 1 acre of land. The municipality advised us that this wasn’t a municipal rule, rather a provincial one.

Now the province is coming into our town, and where are they constructing their nice new jail? Literally on the most “agricultural” piece of land in the entire municipality.

As it is, and always has been, when it comes to governments, of any level, it is “do as I say, not as I do”.


Christopher A McGahey


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