Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

Sincere thank-you to Colleen Lynas and Kirk Albert for their article entitled ‘Stakeholders’ meeting solidifying our opposition to the proposed prison. I am grateful for your efforts!

“Built to maximum security standards” is an important statement in this article. Also “There is no guarantee the prison footprint will not be expanded in the future.”

“Concerns regarding the required upgrades to our already ‘taxed water and sewer systems’ were discussed.

Who pays for the updated version to support these systems? Do our municipal taxpayers wish to share this cost? Do the chain stores and restaurants want to take on this extra cost even supposing they might get more business?

Thanks also to John Gagnon for a great letter!

Also, to Marie-Therese Voutsinos. I agree this land should be used for ‘Agriculture’ which it was meant to be.

Another excellent contribution!

I very much appreciate the ‘Times’ for this information because I don’t use the internet and the Ottawa Citizen doesn’t do Kemptville local, vital information!

Kathy Piche


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