Letter to the editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

Mayor Peckford has expressed concern in the past, about the need to limit or stop urban sprawl. The construction of a new jail will result in the total destruction of 300 acres of farmer’s fields, greenspace, and forests. The United Nations has called for the protection of natural areas to ensure dwindling wildlife and insect species are not put at further risk. By UN estimates, 1.5 million square kilometers of greenspace are destroyed each year by the building of infrastructure projects and new structures. This jail is our contribution to this destruction.

The aging Innes Road detention centre in Ottawa has ample, unused acreage suitable for the construction of the new jail. There has been a glaring lack of public consultation on this proposed project. There seems to be a ‘back room deal” feel to the whole project.

Let the people decide on the merits of building a new jail.

John Gagnon, Kemptville


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