Letter to the editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

In reference to your article “Jailhouse Blues”, I am one Kemptville resident who is upset with this news. I actually found it shocking when I heard it by way of news on television. The main campus at the College is filled with children, except not now during the COVID crisis. Also in this campus is a child care centre; on Concession Road, not so far away, is another, and two more schools. The proximity of a Correctional Complex so close does not sound reasonable to me. Thank you, David, for explaining this to us, since no one else bothered. I was, in fact, ready to blame the municipal government until I read your story.

Why couldn’t they put it close to Mr. Clark’s home, perhaps? Then he could oversee the situation more closely.

I think in this matter I am like-minded with Jim Bertram, surprisingly. Kemptville will become a tourist delight. People will travel from far and away to see our new “Jail Town”. I find the idea of a correctional facility being built so close to where I live and also to the hospital and various schools very depressing, as if these times of COVID are not bad enough; but at least it helps to see the letters in the North Grenville Times.

In particular, the letter by Jim Bertram, and also his article, speak well for how I feel. I also appreciated Stephen Hammond’s and Victor Jarjour’s take on the situation. As Mr. Bertram states, I believe this is more likely to drive businesses away. I feel certain that my real estate value will go down because of the proximity.

I would hope that this could all be turned around, but I’m doubting it. Guess who won’t be getting my vote next time around. Not that they would anyway.

Kath Piché


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