Letter to the editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

I find many letters and online posts regarding the proposed correctional facility notable for their suppositions and assumptions regarding the institution. Innuendo, insinuations, and accusations have targeted Mayor Peckford and Deputy Mayor McManaman, suggesting they and Council are doing nothing, or, at worst, are in league with the provincial government to foist the jail upon the community. The paucity of facts and credible references feature in many opinions. Propounders of the misinformation are lauded by their supporters, and their misrepresentations repeated. There are legitimate public concerns. Let us not have them debased by distressing nimbyism. Cite the pertinent facts. Do not comingle the realities of for-profit American jails with Ontario’s provincially managed facilities, which, granted, are less than perfect.

Bring evidence to the arguments. One would think there is a conspiracy afoot, given the writings of fear mongers alleging lies and wrongdoing. Is distrust of our elected municipal representatives and the spreading of dubious details endemic in North Grenville?

Our MPP Steve Clark said in an interview in this newspaper, the proposed jail will go ahead, and expressed the coming consultation will be such in name only. Let us hope venting our disappointments will have some positive impacts beyond cathartic release.

Michael Whittaker


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