Letter to the Editor – Correctional Facility


Dear Editor,

In reference to your discussion with Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman, I have a difficult time believing that they knew nothing of this [the prison] before the news broke. There is still confusion about where ‘it’ will be located.

One person said that it will be at the south end of the Campus, where the soccer field is. Another person told me it would be over near the ‘horse arena’. Jim McManaman’s answer sounds wishy-washy, or suspicious to me. I would not think that this municipality would even consider paying for any infrastructure improvements for this.

MPP Clark said the province is going to pay for construction? Did they think we would?
“We don’t want the taxpayers to pay a dime for this place”. Does he mean there is even a slight possibility that we will be paying taxes for this jail that most of us do not want, except for the business sector?

And they pay us peanuts he says. I might guess that Mr. McManaman is a Conservative. I know who I will not be voting for next time around in our municipal election.

Kath Piché,
Angry taxpayer.


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