Letter to the Editor – Construction Mess


Dear Editor,

I’m surprised that I have not read more complaints about the construction mess at County Road 44 and the Municipal Centre. As a retired road construction superintendent, I’m shocked at the operation of this project, particularly at the lack of maintenance of the road cuts, rendering the roadway almost impassable at times, and the unprofessional flag personnel (I wonder if they are accredited). The original contract was to run July to October and has now been extended to December. God forbid we need snow clearing. Perhaps this contractor should change their name from “I DO”, to “I CAN’T”: this is what happens when the lowest bidder is awarded the contract with no pre-qualifications. Beware of what is possible, if and when County Road 43 proceeds. As a side note, why hasn’t the left turn lane at the Public School and County Road 44 been paved, to say nothing of the impending left turn lanes at Equinelle Drive and also Royal Landing Gate, I don’t think COVID 19 can be blamed.

Thank you for letting me vent,
Retired Road Superintendent


  1. I agree completely with the writer about the construction debacle that is being allowed to happen on 44. No information can be found anywhere as to timelines, progress to completion, etc. Six months of dust, debris, rocks, potholes … and the list goes on. For an entire week in mid-September nothing happened. At the very least, this could have seen a thin skim of asphalt. I’ve also been in the highway construction business and I can tell you this is a complete failure on the part of whoever is doing the work. Come on Municipality … how about an explanation for what’s happened ?


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