Letter to the Editor- Construction Mess


Dear Editor,

I am so glad you printed the last few letters regarding the road construction on County Rd. 44. Besides the all too obvious mess and mismanagement of the operation; there are a few very disturbing questions that come to mind. Questions that warrant answers from the Municipality, who have provided zero information about this project up to now.

  1. Who is paying for the two turning lanes being built for the residents of Equinelle?
  2. Why isn’t there an entrance access to Equinelle off of River Road? The latest phase of homes is pretty much right on River Road or in the back yards of homes on River Road.
  3. The ditch “a narrow channel dug in the ground, typically used for drainage alongside a road or the edge of a field” on both sides of the road have been filled in with literally tons of rock and paved over. Where is the spring runoff going to go? The year the forest was cleared for phase one of Equinelle, causing less storage capacity, we experienced unprecedented flooding along the Rideau River.
  4. Considering the possible impact on the Rideau River, was RVCA consulted on this project?

J.S., Kemptville

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