Letter to the Editor – Conservatives


Dear Editor,

Open Letter To: The Cabal of Conservative Criminals:

Well men, it looks like the plan backfired.  According to the CBC this morning the court of public opinion is laying the blame for the present strike by the lowest paid education workers, clearly, at the feet of the ‘Ford Government’…by the way, it’s not ‘Ford’s’ government…it is ours – the people of the province.

Mr. Clarke: your handling of the prison in North Grenville has been shameful…a disgrace.  If you had any integrity left, you’d step down.  You stopped representing the people of this riding when you supported the provincial party…you have the Party’s best interests in mind, with every decision that you make – not the people of your riding.  For that you should resign.

Mr. Lecce…what the hell do you know about the public education system? Did you go through it?  Do you have children in it?  When was the last time you went into a school for reasons other than to show the children what a spewer of government propaganda says and does?  ‘No’ to all of these?  You are way out of your depth.  Do something honourable…yeah…it’s spelled that way…resign.

Mr. Ford…where to begin with you?  Removing Conservation Authorities + acting as a force against green energy initiatives + reduced funding to parks and protected lands…just a few examples of how your ‘enlightened’ approach has erased many of the gains made in my lifetime of 75 years.  You – you should be hauled off to court and sentenced for crimes against the welfare of the province.

Who was the genius that thought that the ‘Notwithstanding Clause’ should be used against the weakest, poorest-paid group in the education sector?  You don’t need a sledgehammer to drive in a tack. You are all liars. You have not negotiated in good faith since the beginning of this round of talks.  You wanted to get here. You wanted to show how you could crush unions. Well, when you are done here, you will have every union in Ontario and Canada ready to rip you apart and tear you down.

I want a good seat to watch this happen.  You deserve it.

Peter Johnson (Oxford Mills)



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