Letter to the editor – College Alumni property


Dear Editor,

I want my College Alumni property returned. In 1975 Roy E. Class, Head of the Horticultural Division at Kemptville College, gave me two college artefacts for safe keeping. He did that just before he passed away. “Don’t let if fall into the wrong hands. Return it when you feel the time is right”, he advised me. So, I kept these two artefacts in my house for 42 years. I even had them restored, which I paid for out of my own pocket. When I saw the time was right to return them to the Kemptville College Alumni Association, I returned them, under the conditions that these two artefacts would remain with the Alumni in a Museum or something, as I promised Roy to do. I do not have a written agreement with Roy.

This is theft by our elected politicians. That’s what the Germans did during WWII.
I want them back

This is my promise to Roy. He will turn over in his grave now that he realizes that we got screwed.

William Langenberg


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