Letter to the editor – climate change


Dear Editor,

My letter is in response to Jim Bertram’s piece, “Ceasing to Think” on May 15, 2019.

If you are still questioning whether climate change is real, it’s time to look at what’s happening across the country, with the raging wildfires in BC and Alberta, to the flooding in Ottawa, Quebec and New Brunswick. These are very real examples of climate change.

The debate around these extreme weather patterns is not IF climate change is real, but HOW we are going to mitigate and adapt for future events.

According to Canada’s Changing Climate Report, our country is on average, experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. We are going to be impacted and the policies we put in place today will help determine our fate in the future.

Other impacts of climate change include insect outbreaks, such as the Mountain Pine Beetle that has devastated forests in BC and are now moving across the Rockies into Alberta and across the boreal forest. Closer to home I am noticing more and more trees being affected by the Emerald Ash borer (including 3 on my property alone). And of course the black legged tick that carry Lyme disease have aggressively moved north from the US and has expanded its habitat to include most of Eastern Ontario. Leeds and Grenville is a hot spot for Lyme Disease and has our Public Health Unit on high alert.

I’m all for debate but can we at least agree on the starting point? Climate change is here and it’s time we roll up our sleeves even if it means making difficult decisions (such as the federal carbon tax).

Jill Sturdy


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