Letter to the Editor – Climate Change


Dear Editor,

Just listening to “Ontario Today”, and it is about the Red Alert for our climate. We should have been going solar years ago. A caller is saying we should stop eating meat, or reduce our consumption considerably. It is – the raising of meat animals – one of the worst industries for the environment, they say?

Do we need a huge building on valuable land at this time of crisis? Does someone out there care about the future of their children or grandchildren to make an attempt, at least, to slow this down, or do we give up and keep our heads in the sand?

One caller to the program said hydrogen is the answer? Another said we can’t speak to the politicians. They don’t listen. The guest Host said wind alone is better? More sustainable cities. Less aviation travel. Decarbonise, and how to do it. One person asked how he could heat his home without natural gas. Another said she has an air source heat pump.

China won’t change. It’s still using coal and is the biggest economy in the world. Does anyone have any answers? Or should we just believe this is a big myth? Nothing’s happening? We can’t do anything anyway. Smile and be happy.

Don’t worry, be happy!!

Kath Piché


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