Letter to the editor – climate change


Dear Editor,

As always, I am impressed by Colin Creasey’s take on things. I try to buy organic produce when it is available and looks reasonably fresh. I bought most from the local Farmers Market all summer through their season, as I have since they started many years ago. I am also vegetarian and closer to vegan. Monsanto came to my attention long ago, and I have not been a fan!

I have read in the past that they have actually threatened farmers, at least in the U.S., and maybe out West.

At present, I am reading “Civilized to Death (The Price of Progress)”, by Christopher Ryan.He states: “The planetary climate is shifting like cargo on a sinking ship. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees reports that, at the end of 2015, the number of people forcibly displaced by war, conflict and persecution had risen to a staggering 65.3 million, up from 37.5 million in 2004.

Flocks of birds are falling dead from the sky, the buzzing of bees is fading, butterfly migrations have stopped, the vital ocean currents are slowing. Species are going extinct at a rate not seen since the dinosaurs vanished. Texas-sized masses of swirling plastic soup suffocate acidifying oceans while freshwater aquifers are pumped dry as a bone. Ice caps melt down as clouds of methane bubble up from the depths, accelerating the cycle of global destruction. Governments look away while Wall Street tears the last bits of wealth from the carcass of the middle class and energy companies frack the Earth, pumping secret poisons into aquifers we all depend on, but don’t know how to protect.”

Sorry that wasn’t so uplifting and I hope, or wish, none of it is true.

Kath Piché


  1. Kath, individual action; whether it be voting, purchasing, changing behaviours; is (imho) a very strong tool in fixing our climate impact.

    By changing our behaviours we really make a difference. And we signal to our neighbors, our government and our businesses; the times are a’changing. And look around. We are in the majority now. Millions around the world are acting.

    Lest we forget. Many generations have been called upon to make greater sacrifices than changing the type of lawn grass we use. Or eating organic. Or buying electric tools.


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