Letter to the editor – climate change


Dear Editor,

This subject is getting rather beaten to death, but it could also be crucial to the future of our planet.

In Saturday’s edition of the “Citizen”, on the Editorial page, there is an article written by three doctors. It states: “Several mainstream national health organisations, including the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Public Health Association, and the Canadian Nurses Association, have already called on all federal political parties to consider climate change ‘as the greatest health threat of the 21st Century’.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Public Health Association has launched makeitbetterOntario.ca, an on-line tool kit for parents on mitigating climate change’s daily impacts on children’s health”.

It goes on to say Air Quality and its effects, asthma in particular, also infectious diseases, such as Lyme Disease. Extreme weather events and mental health. Beyond death and injury, losing one’s home, possessions or income, is devastating to any child or adult and is known to exacerbate depression, anxiety, and poor mental health.

Northern health and food security is another big concern affected by the change of climate. Ice Roads are affected for transportation of goods. Changing migration patterns affect their hunting patterns. The thinning of sea ice also affects their daily living concerns.

These doctors state that they have been trained to treat their patients with “evidence-based medicine”, and they continue that evidence from multiple jurisdictions has already shown carbon pricing to be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions without impeding economic growth!

In closing, they state: “As physicians, we therefore urge all the federal political parties to recognise unequivocally that evidence based climate action is health action”.
Drs. Daniel Bierstone and Josh Penslar are pediatric resident physicians in Ottawa, and Dr. Curtis Lavoie is a pediatric emergency room physician in Ottawa.

Kath L. Piché

P.S. In this week’s NG Times, a letter by Harmen Boersma says that I “stated unequivocally her [my] fear of skating on a rink at a church property”.

I did not say I was afraid to skate on a rink at a church property. I said I do not believe tax payers dollars should go to pay for a rink on church property. Why should they? Here is no fear, Mr. Boersma, at least not on my part.


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