Letter to the editor – climate change


Dear Editor,

I was ready to give up the discussion on climate change, because it is more than evident that the deniers are not interested in any other opinion. However, I just couldn’t let Jim Bertram’s smug observation that only he and his two colleagues “represent the side of reasonable citizens”.

So, according to him, the rest of us are just being unreasonable. What do we know? We could reach back historically, as Jim does, and dredge up quotes from people who have been dead for centuries, but what’s the point? Sure, human nature hasn’t changed that much, greed and avarice still reign in the halls of the wealthy and powerful; but, scientifically, I like to think that maybe we have gained a bit more knowledge since then.

Those of us who see manmade climate change happening are concerned about the wanton destruction of our beautiful planet, and believe that everything that is happening is more than just natural occurrence. That isn’t “ceasing to think”; if anything, it is the exact opposite. We do exactly the same thing that the deniers do, but are careful not to put too much stock in the opinion of those who are profiting from the status quo. We also generally don’t believe that we have the time to wait for some technology to save us from ourselves.

What we want to see, in part, as one of your recent correspondents put it, is clean air, clean water, and healthy food. I would add to that also a functioning natural world, a world on which we all depend. Our neo-liberal, consumer-driven society is taking all that away from us, particularly the natural world, which we are plundering and poisoning at an alarming rate.

We keep being told that this problem has been politicized. That is because we demanded of our politicians that something be done. They won’t do anything unless there are enough of us who tell them to. That point has been reached. Sure, the plans of some political parties are totally inadequate, and for those of us for whom this is a problem that we care about, we will be scrutinizing their platforms this coming election.

I would love to be proved wrong on all this, but I suspect that isn’t going to happen. I can still remember the last big thing that I did wrong, and that was in the last municipal election when I displayed a lawn sign for Jim.

You live and learn.

Colin Creasey


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