Letter to the editor – climate change


Dear Editor,
In reference to the debate about Climate Change articles, I am still definitely on side with Colin Creasy. He makes sense to my mind. I guess it depends on one’s philosophy.
Back to “We only have one Earth”; so why do we want to gamble with it?

If there is a Creator, which many believe there is, then I would think he/she wouldwant us to not abuse what we were given, as in the Earth and all the creatures on it!
Taking care with respect to our air quality, water quality, and the food we eat, and trying to avoid as many toxic substances as possible in the process, one would reasonable think, would be very important.

I suppose Paul George and Ms. Bell think there is no concern abut the monstrous destruction that are the oil sands, or “tar” sands. Have they seen the aerial views of that yet? That, of course, os only one of many ways mankind is trying to destroy this planet.

Kath. L. Piché


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