Letter to the Editor – Christopher Plummer


Dear Editor,

Remembering Christopher Plummer: (or when I raided my bank account to pay Christopher Plummer)

More than 30 years ago, Studio A of the National Film Board in Montreal was completing a short film profile of painter James Wilson Morrice (1865-1924), one of Canada’s foremost modernist artists.

Christopher Plummer happened to be in Montreal. The director of the film, an acquaintance of Plummer, convinced the actor to do the ‘voice over’ for the project.

Plummer was a perfectionist, achieving a superb result, but the session ran very late.

We were aware that an international star of theatre, television, and motion pictures does not work for scale, but to the surprise of the director and producer, he politely and firmly requested his fee as a cash payment. The Director and Producer looked at me, as the Executive Producer, for a solution. So, (dealing eventually with the studio administrator) I raided my bank account and returned with an envelope of cash.

Soon, Christopher Plummer, his lovely wife, and my cash, were on their way to the Ritz Carleton Hotel.

Until now, I had shared this story with very few, but the details came back when I learned last Friday of Christopher Plummer’s passing. I will remember him as a Canadian icon and an elegant and gifted actor, who made every project better for his being part of it.

Doug MacDonald


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