Letter to the editor – Canada’s Energy Policy


Dear Editor,

During my weekly quiet perusal of the “Times”, I came across: In My Opinion, Blaine Geddes PhD. (Mech. Eng.), on the subject of Canada’s Energy Policy Disaster. The opinion was lengthy, but initially compelling. I looked forward to a sound explication of a current issue in Canada that truly does need a greater understanding by all of us. At first, his research appeared thorough and initially well posited. He addressed the recent cancellation of the Frontier Oil Sands Project, stating that: “it should be a serious wake up call to all Canadians”. Yes, I felt drawn toward this opinion.

I abruptly paused when the written words became vitriolic. Dr. Geddes accused our Federal Government of “shafting western resource companies…”. Being a forty-year veteran of Vancouver, I hoped, initially that it was just a normal western frustration of feeling marginalized by eastern politicians; however, it was not. The author continued with even more pejorative remarks that slowly turned into insulting and derogative words. I felt that I was reading a ‘pontification’ rather than an opinion.

Throughout the first approximately 300 words, Dr. Geddes provided several supporting documents, quoting URL addresses. Paralleling his vilification of Canadian governance or, he provides us with some of ‘a long list of banana republics’ – comparing them to Canada. We then got a modified review of the Paris Accord’s ‘Pledges for Action’.

The Opinion came to its apex, i.e. the actual reason for the author writing this arrogant sounding excoriation against our Federal Government’s Energy Policy. The “Opinion” of Dr. Geddes is not an enlightened opinion, nor an informed one. The ‘Opinion’ is also not about Energy Policy. More accurately, the whole piece is a rant. It begins with the author stating: “the motivation by the government is a concern over carbon emissions…”.

As a Mechanical Engineer, Dr. Geddes has decided to inform us that, ‘in his opinion’ the government (with) “scant evidence of impending calamity…”, is telling us that we are to panic (see below*). In fact, Dr. Geddes opinion on Energy Policy transforms in a sentence to a denial of climate change. To his credit, the author again provides several back up URLs supporting his climate-denier opinion; however, he ignores all supportive opinions now accepted world-wide, through the Paris Accord, the UN, medical Science and Physics. For example, in Canada we have the late, renowned Physicist Dr. Patrick Walden (1944-2017) who predicted the causative issues, the potential consequences and the timing of significant climate changes long before most of us were even casually aware.

So, why am I replying to the opinion of Dr. Geddes? Let us examine how he concludes his rant. We shall see how the “opinion” of Dr. Geddes careens off into the mesosphere of bumptiousness! He stated in commencing his attack on climate change activists:

“we are told to panic* and apparently doing so by an ignorant malcontent attention-seeking hypocritical dropout school girl who instantly becomes a media darling embraced as a champion of science.”

The opinion piece continues throughout another 200 plus words, mocking those who are concerned about climate change. Yes, he has the right to his opinion; however, he names Greta Thunberg, insults her and demeans her. The obdurate bigotry, chauvinism and unfairness of Dr. Blaine Geddes, throughout the whole ‘Opinion” piece left me stunned and compelled me to reply.

Graeme Waymark, Kemptville


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