Letter to the editor – budget meeting cancellation


Dear Editor,

On the night of Wednesday, February 26, I showed up at the Municipal Centre for the final budget meeting and found that it had been cancelled. I had checked the municipal website and there had been no notice of the cancellation. I know of one other person who also showed up to find there was no meeting in progress.

I calculate that council has cancelled at least five of the municipal budget meetings this year, at least two of which were cancelled at the last minute. If council wants to show some respect to taxpayers and show that they desire to be professional managers of this municipality, they will cease this repeated behaviour of scheduling and then cancelling meetings.

Also, they should be publishing the minutes of each meeting on the municipal website as it used to be done in the past. And stop calling these daytime committee of the whole meetings special meetings. They’re happening almost every week, and are an example of non-transparency as they have no video record or published minutes and most of the public cannot attend them because they are at work.

Stephen Hammond


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