Letter to the editor – broader connectivity


Dear Editor,

As fast food, with a take-out focus which means even fewer local jobs, expanding yet again in Kemptville, Council is right to raise concerns about lack of connectivity and islands of commerce that undermine cross promotion of (local) businesses. Highway 43 facilitates this car-first approach and perhaps we will see improvements on the rebuild. However, this does not detract from the need for more organic connections that offer movement off the main road, so to speak. There are some existing multipurpose trails and pathways which can provide a base to work from.

However, new developments, particularly those that are car focused like this one, need to come with a link to a broader connectivity plan endorsed by council and promoted by its planners. Imagine Kemptville where people on foot and bike move between centers of commerce “off road”, enjoying the trip as much as the destination… where downtown Kemptville is more easily connected to 43 corridor. Won’t happen tomorrow but can move there now by letting developers like this one know that their plan needs this element. They will make enough money in the long run for this small investment in the community they are doing business in, and well thought through can perhaps be a win-win for all.

Mitch Bloom
Oxford Mills


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