Letter to the editor – Bridge Street apartments


Dear Editor,
I have been very disgusted with the local government in the town of Kemptville and the other ones who run the 200 Bridge Street apartments where people live.

I and a few residents who live here will give you a few ideas why this place was built and how soon you people forget and that is it was built for seniors. Why are these trouble makers moving in? By this, I mean there is more drugs being smoked in here and more people who do nothing but cause trouble.

Well mayor and council you better do something before election or we will see about electing others.

The provincial police has been here so much that we think it is their headquarters. Having served on the town police as an auxiliary, some of us know how to defend ourselves, and we will if we have to. Also we have one person who likes to harm seniors, another problem that will be taken care of. If you tell the people from housing, the only answer you get is it is hearsay. Also Mr Ford why don’t you start charging for people to get into these gambling places, and let people have free parking for hospitals. These people can afford to pay to gamble for heaven sake, wake up people.

Capt Milfred W. A. Harper Black Watch rtd
200 Bridge Street, Kemptville



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