Letter to the Editor – Beware of Darkness


Dear Editor,

Mr. Shanahan I know how you feel and your article “Beware of Darkness” hits a point with me. I received some nasty Facebook posts for roughly four days in a row in a local Kemptville Facebook Group this week.

All because I posted “Don’t let your female dog pee on someone else’s lawn, because it causes a severe burn”. Well some Kemptville folks let me have it through their verbal diarrhea. Until the very last post when a female member of that group wrote: “For God’s sake why is someone else’s lawn your business, it’s just a f….n lawn.

Society has changed since I arrived in Kemptville in 1975. I received a lot of positive comments from the community as well.

One prominent member said: “This Social Media Generation likes to argue”. That’s ok until they start slinging mud. It’s an awful feeling that I have been treated in such a way by some bad apples in the Kemptville Community, which I served for 46 years.

So, your article, Mr. Shanahan, hits me right in my heart. My brother-in law said to me one time: “Don’t let negative people occupy space in your head”. So, I deleted the entire Kemptville Facebook Group from my Facebook, which meant I also lost all the good members I served and had a good relationship with.

It is sad that we live in a society of people who are selfish, discontented, and disrespectful, and ……they show a lack of empathy.

Thank you for having the courage to write the article “Beware of Darkness”.

As Jeff Bezos said the other day when he returned from his space flight: “Courage and Civility”, that’s what brings success to a community: “Courage to do the right thing and Civility to bring the Community together”.

William J. Langenberg


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