Letter to the Editor – Baldwin’s Birds


Dear Editor,

I wish to convey my thanks to both Janice Atkey Videto and the North Grenville Times, for supporting and encouraging my submissions, about the birds in my life and those of many other readers. I have tried to relieve the present monotony in our lives, by allowing people to share, pictorially, my joy of what is very close to us all, – nature. Those brief splashes of color and frantic flapping of wings, to assert a “pecking order”, on our feeders, is a joy to behold and I just want to make people aware that they are there to see, – for free! The very positive complimentary remarks I have received, are greatly appreciated, but, what is far more gratifying is that more of your readers are enjoying making their own discoveries of what is there to be seen, both in their own gardens, as well as by seeing them, in the NG Times, as “Baldwin’s Birds”.

My best wishes to all,
Stay safe and well.
John Baldwin


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