Letter to the editor – Andrewsville Bridge


Dear Editor:

Andrewsville Bridge

Meeting after meeting after meeting! A new roll barrier to keep tall (2.4 m or 7’11”) traffic back from the old bridge barrier, but still they come through! On Saturday morning past, I had to step out in front of a truck with a horse in a trailer to get them to stop before they hit the barrier. The new roll bar rolled over top of the trailer, they thought they could get under, but NO, they could not!!

From the last article/ picture-in the April issue, there has been three more hits, another truck with a trailer (cows), a double take-out , a senior’s touring bus took out barriers on both sides with three of us hearing and seeing everything.

What do you do?… more signs are coming and of course a new roll bar!

By the time this article comes out, I can only hope the Burritts Rapids bridge will be open for traffic. I can only hope the trees in between the two bridges have been trimmed back so drivers can see each other.

PLEASE, do not pass one another on the causeway. Please drive slowly, we have two heritage bridges and they are national treasures.

JA McIntyre


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