Letter to the editor – “All Together Now”


Dear Editor,

In reference to your Editorial entitled “All together now”, you quoted Pat Robertson saying: “You’ve got $100 billion worth of arms sales…we cannot alienate our biggest player in the Middle East”.

In Today’s Ottawa Citizen, there is an excellent letter by John Morris (Ottawa). He speaks of the Canadian Commercial Corporation, a Crown Corporation with one shareholder: Canada. He states that often pseudo-Canadian companies and certain governments around the world seem to prefer avoiding ethical, transparent procurement practices.

These parties, he says, seem more than happy to hide under the CCC cloak of secrecy. He again asks “when is the last time the public was given the benefit of an all-encompassing audit result that includes risk evaluation and mitigation, not only to CCC, but to Canada?

If we claim to be a “Christian” country, are we hypocrites in reality? We have mining companies, for example, that have gone in and destroyed peoples’ lives in other countries. We have the “Caravan” in Mexico coming up from Central America. Someone other than these people has destroyed their lives, but no-one wants to take responsibility.

Maybe it’s time to rethink how we make our money in this country and whether that “way” is within the “Christian” moral ethical code.

Kath. Piché

P.S. I think our Churches do great things for the most part in social circles and elsewhere, but they also should think about what our country (government) does elsewhere in the world; that we should stand true to our “Christian” moral values.


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