Letter to the Editor – All things must pass


Dear Editor,

All things must pass 

Like David , my upbringing was in Ireland, but in the Northern part, prior to emigrating to Canada in 1975. The village and surrounding area where I was born have changed remarkably little physically in the last 50 years, although communication via technology has been dramatically altered.

As “oldsters”, we often tend to think that things were greater in the past, much of which is selective memory. My comments on a few of the issues raised.

  1. Amalgamation. I lived in Rideau Township when amalgamation into Ottawa occurred with much opposition from the Carleton County supporters. But amalgamation brought benefits, including a much improved Library service. Prior to amalgamation, I was involved in library fundraising for basics like furniture and books which were not covered by the totally inadequate contribution from the Township.
  2. Growth vs Stay as a small community. Communities that have eschewed the growth option have at least two challenges. Infrastructure wears out and is very expensive to replace. Anyone who has been to Elgin Street in Ottawa, or the main street in Almonte, in recent years will have witnessed the costly and long period required for the replacement of worn out water and sewage facilities.
    Basic services no longer exist. Bank branches are closed, family doctors are not willing to move to small communities and hospital facilities are not upgraded.

I enjoy and value the North Grenville Times and the contribution it makes to our enjoyment of the area. Keep up the good work.

Max Colwell
Westerra Way


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