Letter to the editor – advisory committees


Dear Editor,

To elaborate on the specific role of the newly-formed advisory committees in North Grenville, it is important to lay out with slightly greater clarity the manner in which their work will balance against that of more knowledgeable interests and individuals.

It is true that these committees will provide greater input from the immediate community–and, to that end, they are very workable examples of democracy in action. However, they are not necessarily authoritative experts in their respective fields, nor should they be expected to function as such.

Regarding the situation at Kemptville Campus, this only highlights the need to select a Board of Directors who, by virtue of their individual accomplishments, will be better positioned to give clear direction to the future of the Campus. It is these individuals who will bring their demonstrated experience in agriculture, education, scientific research, and conservation to the Campus. This Board must also be selected on a wider regional level that reflects the potential of the Campus to serve the broader eastern Ontario area and not simply this municipality.

In that capacity, a well chosen Board of Directors for Kemptville Campus will occupy a vital leadership space between the concerns of the local agricultural advisory committee and the Campus and municipal staff responsible for putting ambition and direction into practice.

Thank you,
Craig Stevenson


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