Letter to the editor – advisory committees


Dear Editor,

I was surprised Craig Stevenson had the temerity to elaborate on the specific roles of newly formed advisory committees. How pretentious to note their work must be balanced against that of more knowledgeable interests and individuals.

How does he know that some of us are not authoritative experts in our respective fields? Personally, I am sure he is ignorant of my schooling, education, and publishing record.

Note the arrogance with which he shows his ignorance of how committees work; committees which will consult the requisite specialists as required. One would think he believes the municipal government of North Grenville is incapable of making rational, intelligent decisions in the selection of a competent board for the Kemptville Campus.

I assume his hectoring to be directed at the readers of the North Grenville Times, who he considers needful of his unsolicited, supercilious instruction.

Michael Whittaker



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