Letter to the editor – advisory committee


Dear Editor,

Regarding Jim Bertam’s response to my reply to Craig Stevenson’s letter, I stand by what I said, and need no lessons in discourse from him. I reacted honestly to Mr. Stevenson’s contentions, and he is free to reply.

Yes, I have been appointed to the Heritage Advisory Committee, which has yet to meet. I find the claim that I am a representative of the municipal government disingenuous. He maligns Mayor Peckford and council, suggesting my letter embodies her voice and those of the individual members of council. To suggest I speak for them says much about Mr. Bertram.

Mr. Bertram may have taken the opportunity, even if he is no longer a member of council, to contact Mr. Stevenson, and I am sure if he was the successful candidate for mayor in last October’s election, he’d have contacted Mr. Stevenson.

Regardless, I am capable of independent thought, and exercising my right to question and to comment.

Michael Whittaker


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