Letter to the editor – 2018 municipal elections


Dear Editor,

I am not fond of clichés, but in this municipal election, I say “A new broom sweeps clean.”

We need to sweep away the two councillors who have proven their contempt for local democracy.

Candidates Barb Tobin and Frank Onasanya literally told the voters to be quiet, and do as they say. In the council letter of Feb. 2017, they, and incumbent Mayor David Gordon, told us our opinions don’t matter, and they know better.

There are four council seats in contention, and at this point I support two candidates. Deron Johnston and John Barclay have demonstrated their commitment to North Grenville. These men are dynamic, proven replacements for the self-congratulatory deadwood seeking return to council.

The years of arrogant contempt for the people of North Grenville must end. Vote to clean up the festering mess of the last four years.

Michael Whittaker
Bishop’s Mills


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