Letter to the Editor – Litter


Dear Editor

Subject: Earth Day April 22, 2023

My husband and I mostly use the Pharmacy at the Kemptville Walmart. Now that the winter is over, we have observed that there is a lot of paper and plastic garbage caught in the grass beside the store. I realize that over the winter, with storms and high winds, it is easy for garbage that has been disposed  of in the garbage cans near the store to blow around. We very much doubt that this adjacent grassy property is owned by the Walmart store. However, a person can understand that most of the garbage must be coming from Walmart. 

I am wondering if the management of the Kemptville Walmart would consider hiring individuals to clean the area. That gives a person the impression that  the Kemptville Walmart  is  not  being a “good steward of the environment”. It also reflects poorly on the slogan “Green and Growing”  that people see on the road coming into North Grenville.

Josephine Herman


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