Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor, 

My favourite part of this paper is always the “letters to the editor”, and in this week’s paper, I appreciate the opinions of all four authors. First, Jean Hartjes’ “Our Home on Native Land”. Yes, I agree. Second, Lorraine Rekmans – also, I couldn’t agree more. This is still Algonquin land. At the very least they (the province) should not be putting the prison on Algonquin land. Some of this vacant land or all should be kept and returned to them. And to Elaine McGreavy, I understand your despair. I live on Prescott Street and the traffic has always been heavy here, but it keeps getting worse with so many dump trucks and very heavy trucks with long loaded trailers besides. I do still have my backyard to get to in the summer. The noise is somewhat less. And last, but not least, Leo Kleiss. I think you are quite right about the health care system. I have never had to worry about that yet, but my luck might run out. I  have been lucky to not be a big user, and I am a bit of a health nut and it does seem to keep me away from medical help, but my luck probably won’t last forever. Thank you so much for your letters. 

Kathy Piché



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