Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Regarding the editorial of 2 March, Can I get a witness? Off the top, my bias comes from years of composing news releases and features. I believe, as Shakespeare wrote, brevity is the soul of wit. If writers cannot get their thoughts down in roughly 250 words, the individuals need to refine their focus.

There is no good writing without good editing. An editor’s job is to edit, so in past years when some of my letters to the Ottawa Citizen or the CBC were abridged, I was not offended. Some contributions to the Times are a challenge to the most indulgent readers. Good writing cannot be expected from all letter writers, and judicious editing should be exercised.

Authors must commit to their opinions with the courage to sign their names. I am not a fan of anonymity. I’ve penned some pieces in hope of creating discussion. While the Letters to the Editor is a forum permitting secrecy, North Grenville has FaceBook pages on which to openly exchange ideas.

A core responsibility of a community newspaper is the exchange of ideas. Also, the editor has the right to use the medium as a platform. 

Michael Whittaker


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